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Vanessa is an English speaking Clinical Psychologist  currently working in Luxembourg in private practice.


She is originally from South Africa and relocated to Luxembourg in 2008.


She earned her BA. Degree in Psychology (BA. Psy.) from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and followed it up with a BA. Honours Degree (BA. Hons. Psy.) from UNISA (South Africa). She earned her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (BA. MA. Clin. Psy.) from the University of Potchefstroom (now called University of the North West) in South Africa. She has also attended several courses and lectures to adhere to continual professional development standards.


She completed her Psychological Internship at Weskoppies Mental Hospital in Pretoria (South Africa), one of the most renowned Psychiatric institutions in South Africa. Here she accumulated many hours of experience (therapeutic technique, counselling and clinical assessment) working within a team of  Psychiatrists, Social workers, Psychiatric nurses and other psychologists, while dealing with moderate to severe clinical psychological problems (e.g. depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, family abuse and neglect etc.) of both in - and out patients.


In service of the public sector - the South African Defence Force and then the South African Air Force - she furthered her amount of knowledge and skill as therapist whilst dealing with a wider variety of everyday psychological problems (e.g. post partum depression, bi-polar disease, performance anxiety, stress in the workplace and home, self concept issues, spousal abuse, relationship difficulties, the stigma of HIV in the workplace, gender inequality and discrimination etc.) and challenges of both individuals and groups.


Within the local community in Randburg, (Johannesburg) she presented a life-coaching course together with a dietician, Physiotherapist, Bio-kinetic. The course included many themes, for example: how to lead a balanced life, weight management, importance of proper sleep and enough exercise, evaluation of stress and various solutions, relaxation, self concept issues, motivation, goal setting etc.


In 2006 she opened her own private practice inside a Trauma unit of the Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria (SA). Here she could promote her passion for wholeness - viewing the patient as a holistic being with a mind, body and soul. This view of a person served well within the hospital environment where the doctors could take care of the patients' body and Vanessa could support them psychologically. Within her practice she helped many patients and their families deal with traumatic and life changing events such as loss of a loved one, bereavement, adaptation after a serious medical diagnosis, PTSD after violence or an accident, survivors guilt, and much more. Many patients were also referred to her that were suffering from more general/ well known psychological problems (e.g. anxiety, depression, relationship issues, work problems etc.) Within this practice she supported the nurses with both psychological intervention (when needed) and lectures so as to maintain their effective work load and emotional well-being.


Vanessa van Lelyveld follows mostly a multi-disciplinary approach so that she can adhere to the patients'/clients' individuality and to invent a treatment program that suits their individual needs.

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