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Who needs counselling and what happens in counselling?


On some or other level most of us know whether or not we are leading a satisfying and prospering life or are having significant problems we cannot cope alone with and solve anymore. Sometimes we just seem 'stuck' in a way of thinking and acting which prohibits us from moving forward and leaves no room for problem solving and leaves us bare to life stresses.


During counselling the above mentioned issues or areas of difficulty which are interfering with the individual’s growth and general well-being are identified, explored and resolved. By addressing these issues individuals are empowered to regain their sense of self, their responsibilities and see new prospects for themselves and their families.


A psychologist can be approached whenever one feels that one is ready to do so. The psychologist helps to identify the sometimes elusive problem, redefine it in a positive context and together with the client work out a plan of action to maintain the goals the client has. The psychologist will create a atmosphere where an individual will feel supported and accepted, providing empathy when needed and gently challenge belief systems and thought patterns so that the individual may learn identify their problematic thought pattern and start establishing a new one - and hence forth a new life where they can feel more in control of their lives and relate to everything in it in a more positive way.



Will it work?


Sometimes it seems hard to believe that anything can change. But, CHANGE CAN HAPPEN! It just doesn't change by itself. It starts when a person has a will to change. Then when a person starts trusting in the therapeutic relationship and puts forward a high level of commitment and effort in the process, change starts happening. Clients soon see how powerful they can become in changing their lives to positive effect. 


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